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Welcome to Javacolate! 

           We're excited to see you, and thank you for expressing an interest in our product.

           We will soon be appearing on shelves in locally owned retail stores across Sonoma County, and are currently taking orders from retailers around the North Bay area.


Our Story

           Javacolate is a unique, conched and tempered, cocoa-butter confection - much like chocolate, but made with coffee, rather than cocoa mass liquor.  The flavor is unique, and calls to mind a rich brewed cup of java - but the mouth coating consistency as it melts is just like chocolate! 

           That, and the coffee allows for a greater caffeine content per bar.  Our 1.7 oz bars contain the caffeine content of a single shot of espresso - about 3x the caffeine content of chocolate!

           Each bar is divided into ten squares - allowing you to regulate your caffeine needs every time!  We hope you try our new product out, and see how you like it - or see how it sells!  Be in touch for prices.  We look forward to hearing from you, and yours!



I'm always looking for new and exciting retailing opportunities, and very interested in hearing and responding to your questions and comments about Javacolate.

Please feel free to be in touch!

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